We offer solutions for specific challenges in food production, such as improving texture, flavor, color, increasing product shelf life and reducing the use of artificial preservatives.

Additives and ingredients

We have the full range of food additives currently permitted in the European Union, commonly called E numbers, which help us to obtain products with the best possible texture, flavor, color and stability properties.

Spices and aromas

We have a wide range of ground and grain species indicated to give the best flavor, color and smell to your products. Together with the aromas, they help us define the character of each sausage or meat preparation. You can choose from a wide range of flavors already available, or together with our R&D department we will develop the product to suit you.


We offer protein solutions of animal origin that range from functional proteins to broths and hydrolyzed collagens. All ingredients are derived from natural raw materials of animal origin. These have excellent water retention and gelling capacity, ideal for increasing yield, improving viscosity and providing emulsifying properties to meat and dairy applications, among others.


Food preservation is a crucial aspect in the food industry, it is our duty as manufacturers to protect the consumer against any microbiological danger. At Auservis we are committed to clean label preservatives of natural origin, based on plant extracts, organic acids from vinegar and lactic acid ferments, which help us maintain the microbiological quality and appearance of the products for longer.

Functional bases

These are specific formulations to develop a specific technological function, helping us from the synergy between the various raw materials, we can obtain a greater texture, greater antioxidant stability, etc. than using only pure additives.

Complete preparations

We have complete preparations for the preparation of fresh products such as hamburgers, meatballs and minced meats, as well as brines for injection of fresh meats. We have preparations for cooked products, whether they are whole muscle (ham and cooked shoulder), chopped, and fine pasta (mortadella, frankfurt, etc.). We have preparations for cured products, microbiological starters, external coatings.

Request a sample

If you are interested in any of our products, or want to request a sample, do not hesitate to contact us.